Apply to be a Quality of Life vendor at Oregon Fest.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations as recognized by the IRS.

Exhibit area: This area is in one large tent, located on grass. Parking is away from the area with no vehicle allowed to remain in this area.


  • $20 for a 10-foot x 10-foot area, one table, two chairs in the tent; $25 after April 30, space permitting.
  • $10 for additional space for free-standing display; $15 after April 30, space permitting.

Exhibitor responsibility:

  • Check-in begins at 10 am.; vehicles away from exhibit and off Dustin Road by 11:30.
  • No operating vehicles on Dustin Road 11:30-6 pm.
  • Provide all furnishings and protect property.
  • Selling items, services or raffle tickets is NOT allowed; free raffles or give-a-way items are encouraged from your area only. If you wish to sell anything, you will need to be in the Business Fair.
  • Remain with booth after set-up; NO soliciting or material distribution beyond your exhibit.
  • Assume full responsibility for loss or damage to his/her person and property.
  • Keep area open noon-6pm; remove property and trash by 6:30pm.

Sale of food, pop and water fund Fest expenses – PLEASE do not use these items as free handouts.

Make checks payable to:

Please mail your check to the address below before the deadline. Apply online and mail your payment or download and complete the paper application and mail with your payment. Thank you!

PO BOX 167774

Registration deadline:

April 30

This application is for Quality of Life only. An additional application is necessary for parade vendors or other areas.

Questions: or 419-913-3337

It’s easy to apply online here.

You will still need to mail your payment before the deadline.

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$25 includes 1 table and 2 chairs$30 after April 30, space permitting$10 additional space$10 electricity



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I hereby indemnify the Oregon Fest Committee, Oregon Growth Corp and the City of Oregon, their employees, all festival volunteers, volunteer organizations, all festival buildings and landowners from any and all claims arising from booth, parade and festival functions.
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